Communities and Technologies 2013

Proceedings of the 6th Communities and Technologies Conference 2013, Munich Germany.


Edited by Wolfgang Prinz, Christine Satchell, Michael Koch, Johann Schlichter.

Published by ACM and the European Society for Socially Embedded Technologies (EUSSET).

Additional copies are available at the ACM Digital Library ( and from the C&T proceedings repository (

ISBN: 978-1-4503-2104-4

Table of Contents

The Impact of Influential Leaders in the Formation and Development of Social Networks
Page: 8 – 15 Boram Park, Kibeom Lee, Namjun Kang

Agorà 2.0: Designing Hybrid Communities
Page: 16 – 25 Emilia Louisa Pucci, Ingrid Mulder

Patterns of Support in an Online Community for Smoking Cessation
Page: 26 – 35 Bernd Ploderer, Wally Smith, Steve Howard, Jon Pearce, Ron Borland

A stake in the issue of homelessness: Identifying values of interest for design in online communities
Page: 36 – 45 Jes A. Koepfler, Katie Shilton, Kenneth R. Fleischmann

Agora2.0: Enhancing Civic Participation through a Public Display
Page: 46 – 54 Schiavo Gianluca, Marco Milano, Jorge Saldivar, Tooba Nasir, Massimo Zancanaro, Gregorio Convertino

The role of community in exercise: Cross-cultural study of online exercise diary users
Page: 55 – 63 Sanna Malinen, Piia Nurkka

Social and Mobile Interaction Design to Increase the Loyalty Rates of Young Blood Donors
Page: 64 – 73 Marcus Foth, Christine Satchel, Jan Seeburger, Rebekah Russell-Bennett

How User Communities Improve Mass Customization Productivity
Page: 74 – 79 Simon Straßburger

Work-to-Rule: The Emergence of Algorithmic Governance in Wikipedia
Page: 80 – 89 Claudia Müller-Birn, Leonhard Dobusch, James D. Herbsleb

Exploring the dynamics of ownership in community- oriented design projects
Page: 90 – 99 Ann Light, Nicolai Brodersen Hansen, Kim Halskov, Katie J. Hill, Fiona Hackney, Peter Dalsgaard

Understanding Situated Action in Ludic Ecologies
Page: 100 – 109 Alyson L. Young, Tamara Peyton, Wayne G. Lutters

Making Space for Values: Communication & Values Levers in a Virtual Team
Page: 110 – 119 Katie Shilton, Jes A. Koepfler

Political Blend: An Application Designed to Bring People Together Based on Political Differences
Page: 120 – 130 Abraham Doris-Down, Husayn Versee, Eric Gilbert

Community Engagement for Research: contextual design in rural CSCW system development
Page: 131 – 139 Alan Chamberlain, Andy Crabtree, Mark Davies

Studying Social Technologies and Communities of Volunteers in Emergency Management
Page: 140 – 148 Sergio Herranz, Paloma Díaz, David Díez, Ignacio Aedo

Introducing the Space Recommender System: How crowd-sourced voting data can enrich Urban Exploration in the digital Era
Page: 149 – 156 Martin Traunmueller, Ava Fatah gen. Schieck

Collective City Memory: Field Experience on the Effect of Urban Computing on Community
Page: 157 – 165 Dimitrios Ringas, Eleni Christopoulou