Sehr Mobil 100

The aim of the S-Mobil-100 project is to use seamless mobility chains to sustainably expand the action areas of the 60+ generation. Various gerontological, social and organisational concepts are used to develop age-appropriate technical prototypes that expand the required information and communication media and meet the mobility needs of the 60+ generation.

Older people should be supported by building an age-appropriate community platform with multimedia access and by integrating existing mobility and service infrastructures. Generation 60+ users are directly involved in the planning, development and evaluation of the new mobility services in the form of Living Labs.

Project goals:

  • Development of a mobility platform,
  • Integration of public transport, taxis, social transport services, car-sharing agency etc..,
  • Integration of a personal assistant for operating the platform,
  • individual transport service organizations,
  • Recruitment of volunteers,
  • Development of a remuneration system for employees of the transport service,
  • Cooperation with other providers, e.g. taxi companies, bus companies, janitor services.

The IISI is responsible for socio-informatic needs assessment and evaluation within the project. We also support the Living Labs.

associate partners:

  • German Red Cross District Association Siegen-Wittgenstein e.V.
  • University of Siegen – Information Systems and New Media
  • infoware GmbH
  • District of Siegen-Wittgenstein
  • City of Siegen
  • BAGSO Service Ltd.
  • University of Heidelberg – Institute of Gerontology

time to run:
February 2011-January 2014