Research approaches and interests

Current research activities of the IISI cover the thematic areas:

  • networked learning
  • knowledge management
  • computer-aided group work
  • electronic democracy
  • human-machine interaction

User-oriented and sustainable technology design is the focus of our work in these activities. We consider social, organisational and technical developments in their interaction. The IISI develops and studies applications of computer science in social systems. The following questions outline the research area:

  • How can technological innovations be used in media applications?
  • What challenges do social and organisational developments pose for the design of new media?
  • What are the effects and consequences of new media for society, organisations and individuals?
  • How do (information) technical systems change our lives (learning, working, consuming, playing etc.)?
  • How can the interaction of social and technical networks be theoretically grasped and shaped?