Members of the advisory-board in alphabetical order:

  • Prof. Dr. Mark Ackerman; Electrical Engineering and Computer Science and School of Information, University of Michigan
    – primarily investigates the interplay of the social world with our software systems. How can elements of the social world be incorporated within software, and how do systems affect our society and lives in return?
  • Prof. Dr. Geraldine Fitzpatrick; Technical University of Vienna / E-Mail
    – works on ways to make workplace software more user-friendly. This involves the creation of a virtual newsroom that supports the design of groupware systems.
  • Prof. Dr. Yasmin Kafai; Professor of Learning Sciences at University of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia, PA / Homepage / E-Mail
    – focusses on learning technologies and environments for young children in the fields of education, developmental psychology, computer and information studies.
  • Christoph Kasten; DLR, Bonn (ständ. Gast)
    – is head of a department at the project-leader of the DLR for the BMBF and deals with issues of innovative workdesign and regional networking.
  • Prof. Dr. Ken-Ichi Okada; Keijo Universität Yokohama, Japan / Homepage
    – professor and head of a research centre at the Department of Computer Science at the Keijo-University. Research interests are in the area of wide-band communication, CSCW and HCI.
  • Axel Schleicher; Schleicher GmbH, Heinsberg
    – owns a medium sized company of the metal processing industry and works as a Venture Capitalist in Start-Ups in high-tech-businesses.
  • Prof. Dr. Kjeld Schmidt;  Copenhagen Business School / E-Mail
    – researches in the area of Computer-Supported Cooperative Work (CSCW) and focusses on foundations of CSCW, computer-based coordination mechanisms, CSCW infrastructures for network organizations and studies of cooperative work in complex settings.