Knowledge-Project “Informationsystems in context”: Virtual Learning Communities in design- and IT-oriented studies (Project-Title: WissPro)

In the research and development project WissPro (Knowledge Project “Information Systems in Context”), IISI developed innovative concepts for virtual learning communities in design- and IT-oriented studies . The project was realized in cooperation with the universities of Hamburg, Lübeck and Tübingen and ist supported by the BMBF-program “New Media in Education”. We focus on new forms of teaching and learning in IT-studies at the universities and on the technical support by knowledge archieves and appropiate media for computer supported cooperative learning (CSCL). The offer of “knowledge projects” in IT-studies was enriched by the integration of practice experts from different companies.

Introduction of the Community System BSCW to the Iranian NGO Network (Project-Title:

One of the latest activities of the International Institute for Socio-Informatics (IISI) was a research and development project in co-operation with the Friedrich-Ebert-Foundation which aims at supporting community building and networking of Iranian NGOs.

Within the Year 2002 IISI provided the cooperation and community system “Basic Support for Cooperative Work” (BSCW), in order to support the networking process of Non-Governmental Organizations in Iran by technical means. The BSCW System was developed by the Fraunhofer Institute FIT (Sankt Augustin).

IISI organized the introduction of BSCW to the Iranian NGO network and conducted a train-the-trainer programme for members of Iranian NGOs.

The project aims at developing adequate basic structures for:

  • tele-communication and -cooperation
  • virtual communities
  • expertise sharing, community learning and knowledge management
  • preparation of national meetings
  • sustainable network development
  • and process evaluation.

The aim of this project was not to offer a standardized solution for the Iranian NGOs’ requirements, but to develop a specific and user-centred system design, various expertise, and to provide material on building up learning knowledge communities.

Here you can find some photos of the workshops (click picture to enlarge):