Jens Rinne

studies till 09/2004 informatics at the university of bonn. He works between 03/2001 and 12/2003 as a student assistant at the Fraunhofer-FIT in Sankt Augustin. There he wrote his final thesis ‘Personal Hypertextpresentation to Improve Ranking and Query Expansion in a Collaborative Retrieval Environment’. The content of the thesis is the automative finding of relevant ‘WebSources’ associated to special interests of a human. This work lies in the field of Information Retrieval, Information Brokering and Software Robots. He developed the component ‘MyWebSource’ which is part of the knowledge tool ISKODOR, developed at the research group of information retrieval at the university of bonn.

Jens Rinne is one of the founders of the association ‘theGROUP e.V.’ which belongs the International Institute for Socio-Informatics (IISI). Actual he is one of two managing directors of the IISI.