About IISI

The International Institute for Socio-Informatics (IISI) was founded to research computer applications in social systems. An interdisciplinary group of researchers works on topics at the intersection of computer science, social sciences, psychology and education science. The work of IISI ties up a long and fruitful cooperation of ProSEC – Research Group for Human-Computer Interaction and Computer Supported Cooperative Work at the University of Bonn and several research groups at GMD – German National Research Center for Information Technology. The IISI is borne by the non-profit organization The Group e.V.

Taking into account current developments of the Internet, multimedia and mobile computing, the main focus of the IISI is on a user-oriented and sustainable design of technology. Therefore it is important to understand and design the interdependencies of the social systems applying technology and the introduced technical systems. This requires an interdisciplinary research approach combining profound empirical analysis of possible fields of application with innovative technology design and evaluation of technology use.

Currently, the research activities of IISI focus on topics in the area of

  • collaborative learning,
  • knowledge management,
  • computer supported cooperative work,
  • electronic democracy,
  • and Human-Computer Interaction.