Communities and Technologies 2021

Proceedings of the 10th International Conference on Communities and Technologies 2021, Seattle, WA, USA.


Edited by Florian Cech, Shelly Farnham

Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, United States.

ISBN: 978-1-4503-9056-9

Table of Contents

C&T in a Pandemic

COVID-19 Kindness: Patterns of Neighborly Cooperation during a Global Pandemic
Jeongwon Jo, Tiffany Knearem, Chun-Hua Tsai, John M. Carroll Page 1-14

Critical Discourse Analysis on Media Coverage of COVID-19 Contract Tracing Applications: Case of South Africa
Wallace Chigona, Phakamani Mavela, Sarah Mulaji, Shaloam Mutetwa, Robin Moyanga, Hakunavanhu Ndoro Page 15-24

Care-full Design Sprints, Online? Addressing Gaps in Cultural Access and Inclusion during Covid-19 with Vulnerable Communities in London and Tokyo
Kit Braybrooke, Stephanie Janes, Chihiro Sato Page 25-37

Making Space for Support: An Exploratory Analysis of Pandemic-Response Mutual Aid Platforms
Tiffany Knearem, Jeongwon Jo, Chun-Hua Tsai, John M. Carroll Page 38-43

Remote Collaborative Childcare in the Workplace: Sharing Childcare with Colleagues during COVID-19 EmergencyChiara Leonardi, Gianluca Schiavo, Anna Fasoli, Massimo Zancanaro Page 44-50

Civic Engagement

Nordic Cities Meet Artificial Intelligence: City Officials’ Views on Artificial Intelligence and Citizen Data in Finland
Aale Luusua, Johanna Ylipulli Page 51-60

The Stakeholder Perspective on Using Public Polling Displays for Civic Engagement
Jorgos Coenen, Paul Biedermann, Sandy Claes, Andrew Vande Moere Page 61-74

Understanding Failures and Potentials of Argumentation Tools for Public Deliberation
Anna De Liddo, Rosa Strube Page 75-88

UnityPhilly: Experiences with a Smartphone App that Facilitates Community Response to Opioid Overdoses
Gabriela Marcu, Amber Hardin, Janna Ataiants, Alexis Roth, Stephen E. Lankenau, David G. Schwartz Page 89-95

Special Topics

Putting ICT in the Hands of the Seafarers
Yushan Pan Page 96-108

Impalpable Narratives: How to capture intangible cultural heritage of migrant communities
Valentina Nisi, Hollie Bostock, Vanessa Cesário, Albert Acedo, Nuno Nunes Page 109-120

Skid Row Power Now!: A participatory co-design project to power up digital devices in Skid Row
Paulina Lanz, Todd Cunningham, Hoan Nguyen, Pete White, François Bar Page 121-127

Social Media

How Refugees in South Africa Use Mobile Phones for Social Connectedness
Sarah Vuningoma, Maria Rosa Lorini, Wallace Chigona Page 128-137

Designing to Stop Live Streaming Cyberbullying: A case study of Twitch Live Streaming Platform
Yingfan Zhou, Rosta Farzan Page 138-150

We found no violation!: Twitter’s Violent Threats Policy and Toxicity in Online Discourse
Pooja Casula, Aditya Anupam, Nassim Parvin Page 151-159

Deployment of a community information platform in Santo Antão island: A case study from Cabo Verde
Petra Zist, Emily Boaventura, Jorge Ramos Page 160-168

Community and Collaboration

Constructing Well-being Together: Older Adults Engagement in Coproduction Through Volunteering
Tiffany Knearem, Xiying Wang, John M. Carroll Page 169-178

What’s in a Pattern: A Vocabulary to Articulate Group Routines and Practices
Susanne Bødker, Henrik Korsgaard, Peter Lyle Page 179-190

Critical Making with and for Communities: Community-Driven Critical Making Grounded in Practitioners’ Perspectives on Definition and Praxis
Regina Sipos, Victoria Wenzelmann Page 191-199

BeamLite: Diminishing Ecological Fractures of Remote Collaboration through Mixed Reality Environments
Florian Jasche, Jasmin Kirchhübel, Thomas Ludwig, Peter Tolmie Page 200-211

Seek and Reflect: A Mobile Scavenger Hunt to Develop Community Engagement
Tiffany Knearem, Jeongwon Jo, Xiying Wang, John M. Carroll Page 212-223

Going Beyond Empowered Design by Scaffolding Inter-community Engagement
Edwin H. Blake, Uariaike Mbinge, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Donovan Maasz, Colin Stanley, Chris Paul Muashekele, Gereon Koch Kapuire Page 224-233

Not in my Backyard!? Lessons from a Community Conflict
Srishti Gupta, Shipi Dhanorkar, John M. Carroll Page 234-244

Sustainable Communities

Designing Eco-Feedback Systems for Communities: Interrogating a Techno-solutionist Vision for Sustainable Communal Energy
Rikke Hagensby Jensen, Maurizio Teli, Simon Bjerre Jensen, Mikkel Gram, Mikkel Harboe Sørensen Page 245-257

Tackling Algorithmic Transparency in Communal Energy Accounting through Participatory Design
Florian Cech Page 258-268

Into the Mine: Wicked Reflections on Decolonial Thinking and Technologies
Débora de Castro Leal, Ana Maria Bustamante Duarte, Max Krüger, Angelika Strohmayer Page 269-280

Air Partners: community-driven air quality monitoring, mitigation, and collaborative governance
Scott Hersey, Eric Gordon Page 281-288

Co-designing recycling solutions on campus: A case study exploring openness, realism and empowerment of users in a Living Lab
Md. Tanvir Hasan, Annika Wolff, Jari Porras Page 289-295

Food and Agriculture

Articulating and Negotiating Boundaries in Urban Farming Communities
Maria Normark, Anton Poikolainen Rosén, Madeleine Bonow Page 296-308

Agribuddy: Infrastructuring for Smallholder Farming in Cambodia
Hasib Ahsan, Lars Rune Christensen, Kengo Kitaura Page 309-318

This is not a free supermarket: Reconsidering Queuing at Food-sharing Events
Katie Berns, Chiara Rossitto, Jakob Tholander Page 319-331

III. Workshops

Understanding, Promoting, and Designing for Sustainable Appropriation of Technologies by Grassroots Communities Towards a new wave of technological activism: Sustainable Appropriation of Technologies by Grassroots Communities
Maurizio Teli, Myriam Lewkowicz, Chiara Rossitto, Susanne Bødker Page 332-335

Facilitating Data Inclusion and Empowerment through Arts-Based, Creative and Playful Approaches
Natasha Tylosky, Priscilla Van Even, Sandy Claes, Anne Pässilä, Antti Knutas, Annika Wolff Page 336-339

Ethical Future Environments: Smart Thinking about Smart Cities means engaging with its Most Vulnerable
Tanja Ertl, Claudia Müller, Konstantin Aal, Volker Wulf, Franziska Maria Tachtler, Laura Scheepmaker, Geraldine Fitzpatrick, Nancy Smith, Douglas Schuler Page 340-345