Communities and Technologies 2017

Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Communities and Technologies 2017, Troyes, France.


Edited by Douglas Schuler, Myriam Lewkowicz, Markus Rohde, Douglas C Schuler.

Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, United States.

ISBN: 978-1-4503-4854-6

Table of Contents

Technology for Community Issues

Barriers for Bridging Interpersonal Gaps: Three Inspirational Design Patterns for Increasing Collocated Social Interaction: Full paper
Robb Mitchell, Thomas OlssonPage 2-11

Urban Knitters on Interweaving Craft, Technologies and Urban Participation: Full paper
Janis Lena Meissner, Geraldine FitzpatrickPage 12-21

Homeless Young People, Jobs, and a Future Vision: Community Members’ Perceptions of the Job Co-op: Full paper
David G. Hendry, Norah Abokhodair, Rose Paquet Kinsley, Jill Palzkill WoelferPage 22-31

Lessons from Urban Guerrilla Placemaking for Smart City Commons: Short Paper
Marcus FothPage 32-35

Health Communities

Supporting Communities of Practice in Public Administrations: Factors influencing Adoption and Readiness: Full paper
Oliver Blunk, Michael PrillaPage 36-45

Modelling Cooperative Work at a Medical Department: Full paper
Lars Rune Christensen, Thomas T. HildebrandtPage 46-55

Towards Care-based Design: Trusted Others in Nurturing Posttraumatic Growth outside of Therapy
Alice V. Brown, Jaz Hee-jeong ChoiPage 56-63

Design Considerations to Support Nursing Homes’ Communities: Short
Angela Di Fiore, Francesco Ceschel, Leysan Nurgalieva, Maurizio Marchese, Fabio CasatiPage 64-67


A Novel Method to Gauge Audience Engagement with Televised Election Debates through Instant, Nuanced Feedback Elicitation: Full Paper
Anna De Liddo, Brian Plüss, Paul WilsonPage 68-77

Exploring the Effects of Audience Visibility on Presenters and Attendees in Online Educational Presentations: Full paper
Jennifer Marlow, Jason Wiese, Daniel AvrahamiPage 78-86

Community-Based Innovation among Elite Orienteers: Full Paper
Stina Nylander, Jakob TholanderPage 87-95

Seeking togetherness: moving toward a comparative evaluation framework in an interdisciplinary DIY networking project: Short Paper
Gareth J. Davies, Mark GavedPage 96-99

The role of Participatory Social Mapping in the struggle of the territory and the right to the city: A case study in Buenos Aires: Case Study
Manuel Portela, Lucía Paz ErrandoneaPage 100-104

Civic Hacking

More than Smart, Beyond Resilient: Networking Communities for Antifragile Cities: Full paper
Luke HespanholPage 105-114

Integrating mobile technologies to achieve community development goals: the case of telecenters in Brazil: Full paper
Sara Vannini, David Nemer, Isabella RegaPage 115-124

Sustainable Hacking: Characteristics of the Design and Adoption of Civic Hacking Projects
Youyang Hou, Cliff LampePage 125-134

Creating a Datascape: a game to support communities in using open data: Short Paper
Annika Wolff, Matthew Barker, Marian PetrePage 135-138

Online and Offline Communities

Going Online to Meet Offline: Organizational Practices of Social Activities through Meetup
Stephen T. Ricken, Louise Barkhuus, Quentin JonesPage 139-148

Scaffolded Help for Learning: How Experts Collaboratively Support Newcomer Participation in Online Communities: Full paper
Aditya Johri, Seungwon YangPage 149-158

To Go or not to Go!: What Influences Newcomers of Hybrid Communities to Participate Offline
Di Lu, Rosta Farzan, Claudia LópezPage 159-168

Friendly but not Friends: Designing for Spaces Between Friendship and Unfamiliarity: Short Paper
Airi Lampinen, Donald McMillan, Barry A. T. Brown, Zarah Faraj, Deha Nemutlu Cambazoglu, Christian VirtalaPage 169-172

Emergency Technology and Community

Centralized Crowdsourcing in Disaster Management: Findings and Implications: Full paper
Daniel Auferbauer, Hilda TelliogluPage 173-182

Interpersonal Influence in Viral Social Media: A Study of Refugee Stories on Virality: Full paper
Osama Mansour, Nasrine OlsonPage 183-192

Implications of Synchronous IVR Radio on Syrian Refugee Health and Community Dynamics
Reem Talhouk, Tom Bartindale, Kyle Montague, Sandra Mesmar, Chaza Akik, A. Ghassani, M. Najem, Hala Ghattas, Patrick Olivier, Madeline BalaamPage 193-202


Remix Portal: Connecting Classrooms with Local Music Communities
Colin Dodds, Ahmed Kharrufa, Anne Preston, Catherine Preston, Patrick OlivierPage 203-212

Expanding the Design Space of ICT for Participatory Budgeting: Full paper
Cristhian Parra, Christelle Rohaut, Marianne Maeckelbergh, Valérie Issarny, James HolstonPage 213-221

Exploring Public Places as Infrastructures for Civic M-Learning: Full paper
Dan Richardson, Clara Crivellaro, Ahmed Kharrufa, Kyle Montague, Patrick OlivierPage 222-231

Starting up an E-Mentoring Relationship: A User Study: Short Paper
Katja Neureiter, Johannes Vollmer, Rebecca L. Gerwert Vaz de Carvalho, Manfred TscheligiPage 232-235

Technologies in Communities

Share yourself first: exploring strategies for the creation of locative content for and by low-literacy communities: Full paper
Cláudia Silva, Valentina Nisi, Joseph D. StraubhaarPage 236-245

Untangling the Mess of Technological Artifacts: Investigating Community Artifact Ecologies: Full paper
Susanne Bødker, Peter Lyle, Joanna Saad-SulonenPage 246-255

Improving the flow of livelihood information among unemployed youth in an informal settlement of Windhoek, Namibia: Full paper
Marley Samuel, Jennyfer Lawrence Taylor, Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Marko NieminenPage 256-265

Infrastructures of the Imagination: Community Design for Speculative Urban Technologies
Karl Baumann, Benjamin Stokes, François Bar, Ben CaldwellPage 266-269

Appropriate Research and Design

Design for Existential Crisis in the Anthropocene Age
Ann Light, Alison Powell, Irina ShklovskiPage 270-279

On Creative Metaphors in Technology Design: Case “Magic”: Full paper
Johanna Ylipulli, Anna Luusua, Timo OjalaPage 280-289

Good for Whom?: Unsettling Research Practice: Full paper
Lisa P. Nathan, Michelle Kaczmarek, maggie castor, Shannon Cheng, Raquel MannPage 290-297


Ethics for the ‘Common Good’: Actionable Guidelines for Community-based Design Research: Workshop
Izak van Zyl, Heike Winschiers, Retha de la HarpePage 298-300

Civic Intelligence in an Uncertain and Threatening World: Workshop
Grazia Concilio, Anna De Liddo, Doug Schuler, Justin SmithPage 301-304

Collaborative Economies: From Sharing to Caring
Gabriela Avram, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi, Stefano De Paoli, Ann Light, Peter Lyle, Maurizio TeliPage 305-307

Digital Cities 10: Towards a localised socio-technical understanding of the ‘real smart city: Workshop proposal for C&T2017
Nancy Odendaal, Alessandro AurigiPage 308-309

Refugees & HCI Workshop: The Role of HCI in Responding to the Refugee Crisis: Workshop
Reem Talhouk, Vasillis Vlachokyriakos, Konstantin Aal, Anne Weibert, S. Ahmed, Karen E. Fisher, Volker WulfPage 312-314

3D printing/digital fabrication for education and the common good: Workshop at the International Conference on Communities & Technologies 2017
Oliver Stickel, Konstantin Aal, Verena Fuchsberger, Sarah Rüller, Victoria Wenzelmann, Volkmar Pipek, Volker Wulf, Manfred TscheligiPage 315-318

Embracing Diversity with Help of Technology and Participatory Design: Workshop
Barbara Rita Barricelli, Ines Di LoretoPage 319-320

Designing Participation for the Digital Fringe: Workshop
Hilary Davis, Luke Hespanhol, Jane Farmer, Joel Fredericks, Glenda Amayo Caldwell, Marius HoggenmüllerPage 321-324

Participatory Design, beyond the local: Workshop
Maurizio Teli, Panayotis Antoniadis, Chiara Bassetti, Stefano De Paoli, Ileana Apostol, Giovanni Allegretti, Michelangelo SecchiPage 325-328

Solutions for Economics, Environment and Democracy (SEED): Workshop
W. Lance Bennett, Alan Borning, Volker WulfPage 329-330

Understanding and supporting emergent and temporary collaboration across and beyond community and organizational boundaries: Workshop
Khuloud Abou Amsha, Erik Grönvall, Joanna Saad-Sulonen, Claus BossenPage 331-333