Communities and Technologies 2015

Proceedings of the 7th International Conference on Communities and Technologies 2015, Limerick, Ireland.


Edited by Gabriela Avram, Fiorella De Cindio, Volkmar Pipek.

Association for Computing Machinery, New York, NY, United States.

ISBN: 978-1-4503-3460-0

Table of Contents

Anonymous Quorans are still Quorans, just anonymous
Malte Paskuda, Myriam Lewkowicz Page 9-18
Exploring the mechanisms behind the assessment of usefulness of restaurant reviews
Claudia A. López, Rosta Farzan Page 19-27
Vote as you go blending interfaces for community engagement into the urban space
Luke Hespanhol, Martin Tomitsch, Ian McArthur, Joel Fredericks, Ronald Schroeter, Marcus Foth Page 29-37
Understanding future challenges for networked public display systems in community settings
Nemanja Memarovic Page 39-48
Participation in design between public sector and local communities
Susanne Bødker, Pär-Ola Zander Page 49-58
Lend me sugar, I am your neighbor! a content analysis of online forums for local communities
Claudia A. López, Rosta Farzan Page 59-67
Do we speak the same language? design goals and culture clashes in an online forum for young people
Annamari Martinviita, Leena Kuure, Pentti Luoma Page 69-78
Information sharing, scheduling, and awareness in community gardening collaboration
Xiaolan Wang, Ron Wakkary, Carman Neustaedter, Audrey Desjardins Page 79-88
Growing food in the city design ideations for urban residential gardeners
Peter Lyle, Jaz Hee-jeong Choi, Marcus Foth Page 89-97
Reducing “white elephant” ICT4D projects a community-researcher engagement
Heike Winschiers-Theophilus, Tariq Zaman, Alvin W. Yeo Page 99-107
Community broadband initiatives what makes them successful and why?
Claire Wallace, Kathryn Vincent, Cristian Luguzan, Hilary Talbot Page 109-117
Urban ageing technology, agency and community in smarter cities for older people
Valeria Righi, Sergio Sayago, Josep Blat Page 119-128
Being present in online communities learning in citizen science
Gabriel H. Mugar, Carsten S. Østerlund, Corey Brian Jackson, Kevin Crowston Page 129-138
Studying a community of volunteers at a historic cemetery to inspire interaction concepts
Luigina Ciolfi, Daniela Petrelli Page 139-148
Cultural heritage communities technologies and challenges
Luigina Ciolfi, Areti Damala, Eva Hornecker, Monika Lechner, Laura A. Maye, Daniela Petrelli Page 149-152
CulTech2015 cultural diversity and technology design
Helen Ai He, Nemanja Memarovic, Amalia G. Sabiescu, Aldo de Moor Page 153-156
Encouraging collective intelligence for the common good how do we integrate the disparate pieces?
Douglas Schuler, Fiorella de Cindio, Anna De Liddo Page 157-159
Connected sustainability connecting sustainability-driven, grass-roots communities through technology
Nadia Pantidi, Jennifer Ferreira, Mara Balestrini, Mark J. Perry, Paul Marshall, John C. McCarthy Page 161-163
Digital cities 9 workshop – hackable cities from subversive city making to systemic change
Michiel de Lange, Nanna Verhoeff, Martijn de Waal, Marcus Foth, Martin Brynskov Page 165-167