Communities and Technologies 2009

Proceedings of the Fourth Communities and Technologies Conference, Pennsylvania State University 2009

ISBN: 978-1-60558-713-4

Publisher: ACM Press

Table of Contents

Toward an Analytic Framework for Understanding and Fostering Peer-Support Communities in Using and Evolving Software Products (1.43 MB)
Page: 1 – 10 Andrew Gorman (University of Colorado), Gerhard Fischer (University of Colorado)

Measuring self-focus bias in community-maintained knowledge repositories (2.52 MB)
Page: 11 – 20 Brent Hecht (Northwestern University), Darren Gergle (Northwestern University)

Understanding Collective Content: Purposes, Characteristics and Collaborative Practices (949 KB)
Page: 21 – 30 Thomas Olsson (Tampere University of Technology)

Supportive Communication, Sense of Virtual Community and Health Outcomes in Online Infertility Groups (478 KB)
Page: 31 – 40 Jennifer L. Welbourne (University of Texas Pan Am), Anita L. Blanchard (University of North Carolina, Charlotte), Marla D. Boughton (University of North Carolina, Charlotte)

The Community is Where the Rapport Is – On Sense and Structure in the YouTube Community (492 KB)
Page: 41 – 50 Dana Rotman (University of Maryland), Jennifer Golbeck (University of Maryland), Jennifer Preece (University of Maryland)

Social Capital, Social Network and Identity Bonds: A Reconceptualization (518 KB)
Page: 51 – 60 Hao Jiang (The Pennsylvania State University), John M. Carroll (The Pennsylvania State University)

Communities, Technology, and Civic Intelligence (668 KB)
Page: 61 – 70 Douglas Schuler (The Evergreen State College)

Communities Real and Imagined: Designing a Communication System for Zimbabwean Activists (1.25 MB)
Page: 71 – 76 Tad Hirsch (Intel Research)

Empowering Rural Citizen Journalism Via Web 2.0 Technologies (452 KB)
Page: 77 Р84 Marco A. Figueiredo (Loyola College in Maryland), Paola Prado (University of Miami), Mauro A. C̢mara (Federal Univeristy of Minas Gerais), Ana M. Albuquerque (Federla University of Brasilia)

Technologies within Transnational Social Activist Communities: An Ethnographic Study of the European Social Forum (491 KB)
Page: 85 – 94 Saqib Saeed (University of Siegen), Markus Rohde (University of Siegen), Volker Wulf (University of Siegen)

The Conference Room as a Toolbox: Technological and Social Routines in Corporate Meeting Spaces (973 KB)
Page: 95 – 104 Christopher Plaue (Georgia Institute of Technology), John Stasko (Georgia Institute of Technology), Mark Baloga (Steelcase Inc.)

Experiential Role of Artefacts in Cooperative Design (1.74 MB)
Page: 105 – 114 Dhaval Vyas (University of Twente), Dirk Heylen (University of Twente), Anton Nijholt (University of Twente), Gerrit van der Veer (Open University Netherlands)

Active Artifacts as Bridges between Context and Community Knowledge Sources (543 KB)
Page: 115 – 124 Federico Cabitza (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca), Carla Simone (Università degli Studi di Milano-Bicocca)

wConnect: A Facebook-Based Developmental Learning Community to Support Women in Information Technology (919 KB)
Page: 125 – 134 Mary Beth Rosson (The Pennsylvania State University), John M. Carroll (The Pennsylvania State University), Dejin Zhao (The Pennsylvania State University), Timothy Paone (The Pennsylvania State University)

And the Ringleaders Were Banned: An Examination of Protest in Virtual Worlds (461 KB)
Page: 135 – 144 Bridget M. Blodgett (The Pennsylvania State University)

Hometown Websites: Continuous Maintenance of Cross-Border Connections (1.34 MB)
Page: 145 – 154 Luis A. Castro (The University of Manchester), Victor M. Gonzalez (The University of Manchester)

Overhearing the Crowd: An Empirical Examination of Conversation Reuse in a Technical Support Community(485 KB)
Page: 155 – 164 Derek L. Hansen (University of Maryland)

An Analysis of the Social Structure of Remix Culture (1.36 MB)
Page: 165 – 174 Giorgos Cheliotis (National University of Singapore), Jude Yew (University of Michigan)

Spinning Online: A Case Study of Internet Broadcasting by DJs (1.91 MB)
Page: 175 – 184 David A. Shamma (Yahoo! Research), Elizabeth F. Churchill (Yahoo! Research), Nikhil Bobb (Yahoo! Brickhouse), Matt Fukuda (Yahoo! Brickhouse)

Supporting Community Engagement in the City: Urban Planning in the MR-Tent (2.15 MB)
Page: 185 – 194 Ina Wagner (Vienna University of Technology), Maria Basile (Université Paris Est), Lisa Ehrenstrasser (Vienna University of Technology), Valérie Maquil (Vienna University of Technology), Jean-Jacques Terrin (Université Paris Est), Mira Wagner (Vienna University of Technology)

Conversations in Developer Communities: a Preliminary Analysis of the Yahoo! Pipes Community (1.18 MB)
Page: 195 – 204 M. Cameron Jones (Yahoo! Research), Elizabeth F. Churchill (Yahoo! Research)

Makumba: the Role of the Technology for the Sustainability of Amateur Programming Practice and Community: The Technological Religion of a Student Tribe (552 KB)
Page: 205 – 214 Cristian Bogdan (Royal Institute of Technology), Rudolf Mayer (Vienna University of Technology)

Facilitating Participatory Decision-Making in Local Communities through Map-Based Online Discussion (5.51 MB)
Page: 215 – 224 Bo Yu (The Pennsylvania State University), Guoray Cai (The Pennsylvania State University)

Supporting Community in Third Places with Situated Social Software (7.55 MB)
Page: 225 – 234 Joseph F. McCarthy (Strands Laboratories), Shelly D. Farnham (Strands Laboratories), Yogi Patel (Strands Laboratories), Sameer Ahuja (Strands Laboratories), Daniel Norman (Strands Laboratories), William R. Hazlewood (Indiana University), Josh Lind (Strands Laboratories)

Leveraging Social Software for Social Networking and Community Development at Events (1,000 KB)
Page: 235 – 244 Shelly D. Farnham (Pathable), Peter T. Brown (Pathable), Jordan L. K. Schwartz (Pathable)

Bowling Online: Social Networking and Social Capital within the Organization (955 KB)
Page: 245 – 254 Charles Steinfield (Michigan State University), Joan M. DiMicco (IBM Research), Nicole B. Ellison (Michigan State University), Cliff Lampe (Michigan State University)

Analyzing (Social Media) Networks with NodeXL (1.36 MB)
Page: 255 – 264 Marc A. Smith (Telligent Systems), Ben Shneiderman (University of Maryland), Natasa Milic-Frayling (Microsoft Research-Cambridge), Eduarda Mendes Rodrigues (Microsoft Research-Cambridge), Vladimir Barash (Cornell University), Cody Dunne (University of Maryland), Tony Capone (Microsoft Research-Cambridge), Adam Perer (University of Maryland), Eric Gleave (University of Washington)

Information Revelation and Internet Privacy Concerns on Social Network Sites: A Case Study of Facebook (505 KB)
Page: 265 – 274 Alyson L. Young (The University of Western Ontario), Anabel Quan-Haase (The University of Western Ontario)

How much do you tell? Information Disclosure Behaviour in Different Types of Online Communities (662 KB)
Page: 275 – 284 Johann Schrammel (Center for Usability Research and Engineering), Christina Köffel (Center for Usability Research and Engineering), Manfred Tscheligi (Center for Usability Research and Engineering)

Please Help! Patterns of Personalization in an Online Tech Support Board (730 KB)
Page: 285 – 294 Sarita Yardi (Georgia Institute of Technology), Erika Shehan Poole (Georgia Institute of Technology)