Communities and Technologies 2011

Proceedings of the Fifth Communities and Technologies Conference 2011, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane Australia


Edited by Jesper Kjeldskov and Jeni Paay

Published by ACM and The International Institute for Socio-Informatics

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and from the C&T proceedings repository.

ISBN: 978-1-4503-0824-3

Table of Contents

Plugged in to the Community: Social Motivators in Online Goal-Setting Groups (1.4 MB)
Page: 1 – 10 Moira Burke (Carnegie Mellon University) and Burr Settles (Carnegie Mellon University)

Brewing Up Citizen Engagement: The Coffee Party on Facebook (303 KB)
Page: 11 – 20 Christopher Mascaro (Drexel University) and Sean Goggins (Drexel University)

Motivating Domestic Energy Conservation (496 KB)
Page: 21 – 30 Petromil Petkov (Queensland University of Technology / NICTA / Technische Universität München), Felix Köbler (Technische Universität München), Marcus Foth (Urban Informatics Research Lab / NICTA / Queensland University of Technology), Richard Medland and Helmut Krcmar (Technische Universität München)

Suicide Effects: Designing for Death (668 KB)
Page: 31 – 40 Jan Rod (Keio University), Connor Graham (National University of Singapore) and Martin Gibbs (University of Melbourne)

Social Network Analysis of an Online Dating Network (373 KB)
Page: 41 – 49 Lin Chen (Queensland University of Technology) and Richi Nayak (Queensland University of Technology)

Bridging the Affective Gap to Make News Felt: Spaces of Aestheticized Public Voice (1.1 MB)
Page: 50 – 59 Martin Brynskov (Aarhus University), Tuck Leong (Newcastle University) and Jonas Fritsch (Aarhus University)

Communication Content Relations to Coordination and Trust over Time: A Computer Game Perspective (954 KB)
Page: 60 – 68 Sebastian Richter (Universität der Bundeswehr München) and Ulrike Lechner (Universität der Bundeswehr München)

Where Should I Send My Post? (532 KB)
Page: 69 – 78 Felix-Robinson Aschoff (University of Zurich), Verena Schaer (University of Zurich) and Gerhard Schwabe (University of Zurich)

Wiki-based Community Collaboration in Organizations (238 KB)
Page: 79 – 87 Osama Mansour (Linnaeus University), Mustafa Abusalah (Consolidated Contractors Company) and Linda Askenäs (Linnaeus University)

Public Deliberation in Municipal Planning: Supporting Action and Reflection with Mobile Technology (1.2 MB)
Page: 88 – 97 Morten Bohøj (Alexandra Institute), Nikolaj Gandrup Borchorst (Aarhus University), Susanne Bødker (Aarhus University), Matthias Korn (Aarhus University) and Pär-Ola Zander (Aalborg University)

Mail2Wiki: Low-cost Sharing and Early Curation from Email to Wiki (1.2 MB)
Page: 98 – 107 B. Hanrahan (Palo Alto Research Center), G. Bouchard (Xerox Research Centre Europe), G. Convertino (Palo Alto Research Center), T. Weksteen (Xerox Research Centre Europe), N. Kong (Palo Alto Research Center), C. Archambeau (Xerox Research Centre Europe) and E. H. Ch (Palo Alto Research Center)

Global Online Meetings in Virtual Teams – from Media Choice to Interaction Negotiation (279 KB)
Page: 108 – 117 Malin Pongolini (University West), Johan Lundin (University of Gothenburg) and Lars Svensson (University West)

panOULU: Triple Helix Driven Municipal Wireless Network (328 KB)
Page: 118 – 127 Timo Ojala (University of Oulu), Jukka Orajärvi (Oulu University of Applied Sciences), Katriina Puhakka (City of Oulu), Ilari Heikkinen (City of Oulu) and Juhani Heikka (City of Oulu)

Questions, Inspiration, Feedback, and Contributions: How Entrepreneurs Network Online (377 KB)
Page: 128 – 137 Stina Nylander (Swedish Institute of Computer Science) and Asa Rudstrom (Swedish Institute of Computer Science)

Crowdsourcing in the Cultural Heritage Domain: Opportunities and Challenges (3.7 MB)
Page: 138 – 149 Johan Oomen (Nederlands Instituut voor Beeld en Geluid) and Lora Aroyo (Free University Amsterdam)

The Spaces Between: ICT and Marginalization in the South African City (233 KB)
Page: 150 – 158 Nancy Odendaal (University of Cape Town)

Discussing Illicit Drugs in Public Internet Forums: Visibility, Stigma, and Pseudonymity? (332 KB)
Page: 159 – 168 Monica J. Barrat (Curtin University)

Do Lurking Learners Contribute Less? – A Knowledge Co-construction Perspective (287 KB)
Page: 169 – 178 Fei-Ching Chen (National Central University), Hsiu-Mei Chang (National Central Universityv) AND Yu-Han Chang

Playing with Empathy: Digital Role-Playing Games in Public Meetings (1.2 MB)
Page: 179 – 185 Eric Gordon (Emerson College) and Steven Schirra (Emerson College)

Public engagement with biomedical research through location-sensitive technology (569 KB)
Page: 186 – 193 Ryan Naylor (University of Melbourne), Kristine Elliott (University of Melbourne), Kathleen Gray (University of Melbourne) and Greg Wadley (University of Melbourne)