Communities and Technologies 2005

Proceedings of the Second Communities and Technologies Conference, Milano 2005

Besselaar, P.v.d.; Michelis, G.d.; Preece, J.; Simone, C. (Eds.)

2005, XV, 467 p., Hardcover

ISBN: 1-4020-3590-X


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Table of Contents

Does the Internet Enhance the Capacity of Community Associations? (84KB)

Page: 1

Christopher Weare, William E. Loges, Nail Oztas

Information Technology in Support of Public Deliberation (72KB)

Page: 19

Andrea L. Kavanaugh, Philip L. Isenhour, Matthew Cooper, John M. Carroll, Mary Beth Rosson, Joseph Schmitz

Local Communities: Relationships between ‘real’ and ‘virtual’ social capital (777KB)

Page: 41

Sonia Liff

Extending Social Constructivism with Institutional Theory: A Broadband Civic Networking Case (80KB)

Page: 55

Murali Venkatesh, Dong Hee Shin

Minimalist Design for Informal Learning in Community Computing (323KB)

Page: 75

Mary Beth Rosson, John M. Carroll

Virtual Community Management as Socialization and Learning (66KB)

Page: 95

Daniel Pargman

File-Sharing Relationships – conflicts of interest in online gift-giving (67KB)

Page: 111

Jörgen Skågeby, Daniel Pargman

Acceptance and Utility of a Systematically Designed Virtual Community for Cancer Patients (149KB)

Page: 129

Jan Marco Leimeister, Helmut Krcmar

How to win a World Election: Emergent Leadership in an International Online Community (121KB)

Page: 149

Justine Cassell, David Huffaker, Dona Tversky, Kim Ferriman

A Bosom Buddy afar brings a Distant Land near: are Bloggers a Global Community? (144KB)

Page: 171

Norman Makoto Su, Yang Wang, Gloria Mark, Tosin Aieylokun, Tadashi Nakano

Archetypes of Knowledge Communities (111KB)

Page: 191

J.H.Erik Andriessen

Local Virtuality in an Organization: Implications for Community of Practice (172KB)

Page: 215

Anabel Quan-Haase, Barry Wellman

Taking a Differentiated View of Intra-organizational Distributed Networks of Practice: A Case Study Exploring Knowledge Activities, Diversity, and Communication Media Use (102KB)

Page: 239

Eli Hustad, Robin Teigland

Structuring of Genre Repertoire in a Virtual Research Team (172KB)

Page: 263

Roberto Dandi, Caterina Muzzi

Principles for Cultivating Scientific Communities of Practice (167KB)

Page: 283

Andrea Kienle, Martin Wessner

A study of Online Discussions in an Open-Source Software Community: Reconstructing Thematic Coherence and Argumentation from Quotation Practices (234KB)

Page: 301

Flore Barcellini, Françoise Détienne, Jean-Marie Burkhardt, Warren Sack

Citizen Participation through E-Forum: A Case of Wastewater Issues (156KB)

Page: 321

Vatcharaporn Esichaikul, Valailak Komolrit

E-Commerce, Communities and Government: A Snapshot of the Australian Experiencel (80KB)

Page: 341

Andrea Howell, Milé Terziovski

Collective Action in Electronic Networks of Practice: An Empirical Study of Three Online Social Structures(240KB)

Page: 359

Fredric Landqvist, Robin Teigland

Bridging among Ethnic Communities by Cross-cultural Communities of Practice (273KB)

Page: 377

Gunnar Stevens, Michael Veith, Volker Wulf

Supporting Privacy Management via Community Experience and Expertise (135KB)

Page: 397

Jeremy Goecks , Elizabeth D. Mynatt

Regulation Mechanisms in an Open Social Media using a Contact Recommender System (231KB)

Page: 419

L. Vignollet, M. Plu, J. C. Marty, L. Agosto

Supporting Communities by Providing Multiple Views (713KB)

Page: 437

Alessandra Agostini, Sara Albolino, Flavio De Paoli, Antonietta M. Grasso, Elke Hinrichs

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