Communities and Technologies 2003

Proceedings of the First International Conference on Communities and Technologies; C&T 2003

Huysman, M.H.; Wenger, Etienne; Wulf, Volker (Eds.)

2003, 500 p., Hardcover

ISBN: 1-4020-1611-5


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Table of Contents

How Practice Matters: A Relational View of Knowledge Sharing (115KB)

Page: 1 – 22

C. Østerlund (School of Information Studies, Syracuse University, USA), P. Carlile (Sloan School of Management, M.I.T, USA)

Structural Analysis of Communities of Practice: An Investigation of Job Title, Location and Management Intention(167KB)

Page: 23 -42

J.T. Allatta (The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania, USA)

Episteme or practice? Differentiated Communitarian Structures in a Biology Laboratory (195KB)

Page: 43 – 63

F. Créplet, O. Dupouët(BETA(UMR CNRS 7522) Strasbourg, France), E. Vaast (CRG, Ecole Polytechnique, Paris, France)

We Can See You: A Study of Communities’ Invisible People through ReachOut(114KB)

Page: 65 – 79

V. Soroka, M. Jacovi, S. Ur (IBM Haifa Labs, Israel)

Email as Spectroscopy: Automated Discovery of Community Structure within Organizations (109KB)

Page: 81 – 96

J.R. Tyler, D.M. Wilkinson, B.A. Huberman (HP Labs, Palo Alto CA, USA)

Multimedia Fliers: Information Sharing With Digital Community Bulletin Boards (1,43MB)

Page: 97 – 117

E.F. Churchill, L. Nelson, L. Denoue (FX Palo Alto Laboratory, Palo Alto CA, USA)

Knowledge Sharing in Knowledge Communities (121KB)

Page: 119 -141

B. van den Hooff, W. Elving (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands), J.M. Meeuwsen (TNO Work & Employment, TheNetherlands), C. Dumoulin (University of Amsterdam, The Netherlands)

Uses of information sources in an Internet-era firm: Online and offline (136KB)

Page: 143 – 162

A. Quan-Haase (University of Toronto, Canada), J. Cothrel (Participate Systems, USA)

Communities and other Social Structures for Knowledge Sharing – A Case Study in an Internet Consultancy Company (93KB)

Page: 163 – 183

I. Ruuska, M. Vartiainen (Helsinki University of Technology, Finland)

Intranets and Local Community: ‘Yes, an intranet is all very well, but do we still get free beer and a barbeque? (123KB)

Page: 185 – 204

M. Arnold, M.R. Gibbs, P. Wright (The University of Melbourne, Australia)

Learning and Collaboration across Generations in a Community (345KB)

Page: 205 – 225

M.B. Rosson, J.M. Carroll (Center for Human-Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech, USA)

The African Dream – a Pan-African E-community Project (105KB)

Page: 227 – 240

D. Biggs (University of the Western Cape, South Africa), C. Purnell (Field Officer, Open Africa)

The Role of Social Capital in Regional Technological Innovation: Seeing both the wood and the trees (117KB)

Page: 241 – 264

L. Tamaschke (University of Queensland, Australia)

Weak Ties in Networked Communities (132KB)

Page: 265 – 286

A. Kavanaugh, D.D. Reese, J.M. Carroll, M.B. Rosson (Center for Human Computer Interaction, Virginia Tech, USA)

A Bayesian Computational Model of Social Capital in Virtual Communities(283KB)

Page: 287 – 305

B. Kei Daniel, J.-D. Zapata-Rivera, G. McCalla (University of Saskatchewan, USA)

I-DIAG: From Community Discussion to Knowledge Distillation (306KB)

Page: 307 – 325

M.S. Ackerman, A. Swenson, S. Cotterill, K. DeMaagd (University of Michigan, USA)

The Role of Knowledge Artifacts in Innovation Management: The Case of a Chemical Compound Designer CoP( 227KB)

Page: 327 – 345

S. Bandini, E. Colombo, G. Colombo, F. Sartori, C. Simone (Systems and Communication University of Milano-Bicocca, Italy)

Supporting an Experiment of a Community Support System: Community Analysis and Maintenance Functions in the Public Opinion Channel (525KB)

Page: 347 – 367

T. Fukuhara Communications Research Laboratory, Japan), M. Chikama (Graduate School of Information Science, Nara Institute of Science and Technology, Japan), T. Nishida (Graduate School of Information Science and Technology, The University of Tokio, Japan)

Patients’ Online Communities Experiences of Emergent Swedish Self-help on the Internet (100KB)

Page: 369 – 389

U. Josefsson (Göteborg University, Sweden)

When Users Push Back: Oppositional New Media and Community (69KB)

Page: 391 – 405

L.A. Lievrouw (University of California, Los Angeles, USA)

Babel in the international café: A respectful critique (249KB)

Page: 407 – 425

B. Trayner

Synchronizing Asynchronous Collaborative Learners (141KB)

Page: 427 -443

J. Lundin (Mobile Informatics Group, Viktoria Institute, Sweden)

Community Support in Universities – The Drehscheibe Project (872KB)

Page: 445 – 463

M. Koch (Technische Universität München, Germany)

Adding Connectivity and Loosing Context with ICT: Contrasting learning situations from a community of practice perspective (132KB)

Page: 465 – 484

P. Arnold (University of the Bundeswehr Hamburg, Germany), J.D. Smith (Learning Alliances)

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