IISIInternational Institute for Socio-Informatics

Research Approaches and Interests

Current research activities include the following topics:

  • collaborative learning
  • knowledge management
  • computer supported cooperative work
  • electronic democracy
  • human computer interaction

In these activities the center of attention lies in a usero-riented and sustainable technical design. We focus on social, organizational and technical developments and their interaction.
IISI develops and analyses applications of information technologies in social systems. The following questions give an insight into our areas of research:

  • How can we make use of technological innovations in media applications?
  • Which challenges emerge by social and organizational developments for the design of New Media?
  • Which effects and consequences do New Media imply for society, organizations, and individuals?
  • How do (information-) technological systems change our life (learning, working, consuming, playing, etc.)?
  • How can the interplay of social and technical networks be understood theoretically and be designed?