IISIInternational Institute for Socio-Informatics

Cooperations with IISI

IISI offers the knowledge and expertise of experienced and creative scientists in a range of disciplines. In cooperation with companies or non-profit organizations (NPOs) and NGOs we realize innovative research and development projects. For this we can rely on a broad network of partners in research and industry. Examples of our research and consulting activities are:

  • Integrated organization and technology development
  • Evaluation and accessory research
  • Project development and planning
  • Usability studies and media design
  • Support of virtual organizational structures
  • Communities of practice

If you are interested in our activities we are happy to receive your comments via email. You may also write to the addresses given in the contact section.

Information Systems and New Media at the University of Siegen

The Research Group "Information Systems and New Media"

investigates development, introduction and appropriation processes of cooperation and media systems. This class of applications supports the interaction among human actors within social systems. Designing these applications gains increasing econonmic and social importance since they provide a technological base for social networks among individiums, organisations and governmental institutions.

Examples of cooperation and media systems are:

  • communication and cooperation systems,
  • community systems und learning plattforms,
  • eletronic workflows and digital markets,
  • cooperative games and digital arts.

FIT Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology

FIT, the Fraunhofer Institute for Applied Information Technology.

Fraunhofer FIT, headquartered at Sankt Augustin near Bonn, investigates human-centered computing in a process context. The usability and usefulness of information and cooperation systems is optimized in their interplay with human work practice, organization and process.