IISIInternational Institute for Socio-Informatics

Dissertation Award

The CSCW chapter of the Society for Computing (GI) and the International Institute of Socio-Informatics (IISI) confers a

Dissertation Award

for outstanding research achievements in the field of informatics applications in social systems.

The dissertation award committee:
Dr. Peter Brödner, University of Siegen
Prof. Dr. Stefan Klein, University of Münster
Prof. Dr. Johann Schlicher, Munich Technical University
Prof. Dr. Kjeld Schmidt, Copenhagen Business School
Prof. Dr. Ina Wagner, Vienna Technical University

Informatics applications increasingly pervade working and living environments. This presents new challenges for informatics as a scientific discipline, concerning both the methods of development and evaluation as well as the design of ICT artifacts. Informatics has to understand the complexity of the societal contexts of applications, for the appropriate design of innovative ICT applications. Investigating appropriation processes can be an important source of inspiration for iterative design. 

The prize is awarded for dissertations offering important findings for the design of innovative technical artifacts, in interplay with the social systems for which they are developed for. Quality criteria are comprised of both the quality of ICT design as well as the empirical safeguarding of the technical concepts in requirement analysis and/or evaluation. The (international) publication of selected findings of the dissertation is expressly requested.

The award is endowed with € 1,500 and is conferred every second year at the “Mensch & Computer” (Human & Computer) conference since 2011. The submission deadline is the 15th June before each conference. The selection is made by a panel chosen by the spokesperson of the CSCW chapter of the Society for Computing and led by the IISI chairperson.

Next possible submission date: 15.06.2015.

Beside the dissertation and CV, submissions should include a list of the applicant’s scientific publications. In addition, a letter of recommendation from a leading scholar in the field is called for.

Submissions have to be made to the spokesperson of the CSCW chapter of the Society for Computing or to the chairperson of IISI, either by e-mail or by post. For contact details, see: www.fgcscw.de or www.iisi.de